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Decisions about money can be complicated. At The Davis Financial Group, we understand that financial planning is part empirical, part emotional, and all about making sure you feel confident and in control of your assets and your future. Using a concierge-style approach, we work with clients to create a comprehensive plan that aligns with who you are, what you have, and what’s important to you – revisiting and revising over time to make sure you not only achieve your financial goals, but build confidence, clarity, and a legacy along the way.

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Are You a Solo?

  • Age 50 or older?
  • Currently single (widowed, divorced, separated, never married, or don’t have a life partner)?
  • Don’t have adult children who could provide help as you age, when needed?

The Soloist is a Newsletter that Addresses Your Needs. As Solos grow older, they need a plan for realizing their hopes, meeting their needs, and dealing with the challenges that often come with aging. That’s true for anyone, but it’s especially important when you’re a Solo. If you don’t have a plan, other people will have to make decisions for you, without any clue as to your preferences or wishes.

Welcome to The Soloist, a newsletter from Davis Financial Group, where we share information, expertise, interviews, and stories to help Solos live well, take good care of themselves, and make wise choices for their future.

Coming in 2024: The Guidebook to Solo Aging

Since the launch of The Soloist newsletter in 2000, we've posted more than 30 articles on what it takes to age well as a Solo. Look for new and expanded content in our forthcoming Guidebook to Aging Solo, to be released in early 2024.

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